About Beatrush

Beatrush USA 

Company History

1974 Established Matsumoto Auto Parts Company, under Rally & Speed Matsumoto. 1979 Product development and sales of Rallying motor sports components, including the famous Rally computer RC-8085.
1989 Laile Co. corporation was established and distribution of rally computer, RC-NONO began. 1993 Product development and distribution for general consumer began under Beatrush.
1994 Participated in FIA WRC New Zealand Rally, acquiring 8th place in class and16th place in total. 2000 Participated in All-Japan gymkhana championship.
2005 Product exportation begins. Distributors established overseas. 2009 Parts provided for Rally Teams, SUBARU TEAM ARAI [PWRC] and MRF [APRC].


Established in 1974, under current President and CEO, Matsumoto-san; Laile began with humble beginnings manufacturing and selling racing components for the Rallying motorsports industry in Japan. It wasn't until 1993 that Matsumoto-san decided to funnel their vast knowledge of the motorsports world to create Beatrush, a unique line of its owns that provides the weekend warrior race proven parts that are practical and useful while staying true to their core of “Reasonable Price and High Quality” products.

Until this day, all of Beatrush parts are manufactured in Yokohama Japan to provide the highest quality possible. No corners are taken when manufacturing and developing any part, as a result you can expect a high quality product that was rigorously tested, improved, and tried in the field.

Beatrush and/or Beatrush USA is the USA intermediate of Laile Japan.  All orders are shipped directly from Laile Japan and distributors.